UK Driving



If the au pair is expected to drive in the UK she should bring her driving licence, and the host family should arrange lessons with a local driving instructor to help the au pair adapt to driving on the left etc., preferably in your own car, to ensure that the au pair is fully acquainted with driving on the left with the British Highway Code. You must insure your car fully to include the Au pair and you cannot expect an Au pair to pay for any damage done to the vehicle.

We cannot guarantee the driving skills of the Au pair, as we have no means of assessment other than the fact that they have a driving licence. The Agency cannot be held responsible for any car accidents whilst the au pair is in charge of the car.

Family Terms

Please read the following terms and conditions before applying:

Terms and Conditions  

These Terms and Conditions are deemed to be accepted by the Client on completion of the Application Form.

Au pairs cannot be reserved for more than seven days.

We must emphasise that any introduction by us is based on information given to us from the Au pair’s files (e.g. references, background, health), but obviously we cannot have personal knowledge of each applicant.

All information given to you is in strict confidence and must not be passed onto anybody else without our permission.

All our au pairs are offered subject to availability.

Prospective au pairs introduced to the family are selected with reasonable care, but the agency cannot be held responsible in any way for their character, honesty or capability.

Although every effort is made to ensure that any information given to the Host Family about an applicant is correct, the Agency cannot be held liable for any information which proves incorrect.

Any dispute, disagreements, incidents, damages, etc. arising between the Family and the Au pair shall be the responsibility of the Family and the Au pair and shall be resolved between them and not the Agency.

Should an engagement be extended by the Family, or any applicant to be re-engaged within 12 months from the date of leaving, the appropriate additional fee shall become payable, in accordance with the current Scale of Charges. The Agency must be notified immediately of any such changes.

In the event of the Family re-engaging an Au pair introduced by the Family within six months of having previously declined the services of that Au pair the Agency must be notified immediately of any such arrangements and the Family will be liable to the Agency payment of the placement fee as is charged from time to time by the Agency.

Should an au pair leave within 30 days we shall endeavour to provide a replacement when available provided that:

(a) Our Terms and Conditions have been honoured, and

(b) That the Agency is informed in writing with a satisfactory explanation

According to the Home Office an Au pair is expected to assist the Family for five (5) hours a day and must have 2 complete free days per week, undertaking certain household duties such as dusting, washing, ironing, children’s bed-making, washing-up and babysitting up to two nights a week. Some au pairs leave families because they feel exploited, so it is in the family’s best interests to work out a schedule for the au pair to follow in order to make the best use of her/his time.

We act as intermediaries between you and the au pair and we are not party to or bound by any arrangements you may make with her.


As au pairs come to learn English, English must be the only language spoken in front of them. No au pair will be replaced or money refunded if an au pair leaves for this reason.

If the Family require the Au pair to drive, this shall be the full responsibility of the Host family concerned. The Agency accepts no responsibility for this whatsoever.

If you terminate the arrangements with the Au pair for any reasons after her arrival she is entitled to a minimum of two weeks’ pocket money, and you must ensure that she has somewhere else suitable to stay. We should be informed of the termination and shall try to help in any way possible, but cannot be held responsible for finding accommodation or placing her elsewhere.

All Au pairs should be given 14 days notice , no refunds or replacement will be given if the Host Family asks the Au pair to leave without 14 days notice being given.

The Agency has the right to remove an au pair from a family failing to follow guidelines or terms and conditions as per Home Office requirements.

Refunds / Cancellations at all times will be at our discretion.

Families are expected to meet their au pair on arrival or make suitable arrangements.

All arrival dates are approximate and cannot be guaranteed.

The Northern Au Pair Agency reserves the right to use its discretion in situations not covered in this document.

There is a flat rate placement fee of £395.00 (subject to fluctuation). This fee must be sent to the Northern Au Pair Agency (hereafter “The Agency”) less deposit with the letter of invitation. We will be unable to confirm the booking of the Au pair until full payment is received.

Our Agency Fee

Please note we do not charge a registration fee.

Our placement fees are £395.00 (subject to fluctuation).

For short-term summer placements of two-three months, our fee is £150.00 (subject to fluctuation).

If it is your wish to proceed with this application, kindly return the form duly signed together with a deposit of £35.00 for our prompt attention. This deposit will be deducted from the Agency fee.

The Balance, therefore, due promptly on acceptance of au pair together with your letter of invitation, is £360.00.

We will be unable to confirm the booking of the au pair until full payment is received.

Working Conditions

An au pair must be provided with her own bedroom and full board. It would be appreciated if the room is equipped with a desk or table where she can work. If possible, a TV should also be provided - this can be a good way for the au pair to improve her knowledge of English.


Whilst in the UK, au pairs will usually be covered by the National Health Service and the host family should register the au pair with the family doctor if possible.

What's an Au Pair?



An au pair is a single person, aged 17-27 who comes to the UK to learn English and live as part of an English speaking family for up to two years. She should receive at least £80.00 pocket money per week. She is expected to help around the house and care for the children.

She needs to be treated with consideration and flexibility and help to pursue her aims, such as studying at the local college: the au pair will usually be expected to pay for this. It is voluntary for families to contribute to these costs. 

Au Pairs are not nannies and should not be left in charge of babies for long periods. An au pair should not be given sole charge of children under two years old.